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Exchange-Assets listing

03/08/2023 Exchange-Assets has been included to the list of listing. Please move to: Exchange Assets

Xeggex delisting

28/07/2023 Xeggex has been removed due to a technical problem, please move to Caldera until a new exchange is listed.

Bitcointalk ANN

03/05/2023 A bitcointalk ANN is now available, please don't hesitate to respond.
You can do trading at this link: ANN Post.

Xeggex listing

10/03/2023 Xeggex listing has been completed succesfully.
You can do trading at this link: Xeggex listing

Caledra OTC Trade bot

10/03/2023 Caledera OTC trade bot has been implemented into Discord succesfully.
You can do trading at this link: Caldera OTC Trade bot

Android Wallet Released

03/03/2023 The first version of the android wallet has been released successfully into the Google Play Store.
android wallet play store

SeguraChain Upgrade

20/02/2023 The project SeguraChain has been updated to compile this one with NET6 and NET7.
To stay compatible, please, do not forget to put a donation into the funding page to keep alive the development.
This one permit to create a decentralized cryptocurrency by another, new way to make your own.

IPV6 Migration

15/02/2023 The IPV6 Migration of the network has been completed.
Every tools are updated successfully to include the IPV6 support and include an IPV6 Node.
This update increase the compatibility and the security between users and the network.

Android Wallet development

10/02/2023 The Android Wallet developement has started in 2019, this one should be completed this year, the IPV6 migration asking much efforts and prority comparing of this development.

SeguraChain decentralized technology project.

06/09/2020 SeguraChain is new blockchain technology in development to prepare the Hard Fork of Xenophyte.
The decentralization is really now asked by users and a big renewals of development is required.
NET5 has been choosen, but NET6/7 is now target. The whitepaper is already written and can be updated if necessary.
Github: SeguraChain.

Xenophyte Birake Listing


Xenophyte has been listed officially into Birake exchange. Next exchanges are target. Tradeogre and others.

This one require the KYC Form, to make deposit and withdrawals.