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Welcome to Xenophyte A fast, lightweight and portable Centraliized Cryptocurrency

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About Xenophyte

Xenophyte describes itself as a centralized cryptocurrency.

Payments are processed and verified on a central point.

Xenophyte was developed under the C# programming language.

Xenophyte aims to prove that mining can be protected in real-time against ASICs.

Without going through a Soft/Hard Fork and without the need to submit any significant updates to users or to important network points.

The whitepaper is available their: Whitepaper


Explore our repositories on Github: xenophyte repositories

Available repositories :

Official Wallet (Gui version): Xenophyte Wallet

Official RPC Wallet: Xenophyte RPC Wallet

Official Solo Miner: Xenophyte Solo Miner

Official Remote Node: Xenophyte Remote Node

Official Proxy Solo Miner: Xenophyte Proxy Solo Miner

Official Library: Xenophyte Connector All

SeguraChain: SeguraChain