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Xenophyte is a fast, lightweight centralized cryptocurrency.

Xenophyte is a cross-platform centralized cryptocurrency.

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Network Informations:

Blockchain Height: 0 | Max: 0

Max Supply: 0

Coin Circulating: 0

Total Coins In Pending Status: 0

Transaction Fee(s) Accumulated: 0

Total Coins Mined: 0

Total Transactions: 0

Total Blocks Mined: 0

Total Blocks Left: 0

Current Network Difficulty: 0

Current Network Hashrate: 0

Android Wallet available



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Explore our repositories on Github: Xenophyte repositories

Please follow Wikipages, those help you to use Monodevelop to use Xenophyte on Linux/UNIX instead of Windows only

Available repositories :

Desktop Wallet (Gui version): Xenophyte Desktop Wallet
RPC Wallet: Xenophyte RPC Wallet
Solo Miner: Xenophyte Solo Miner
Remote Node: Xenophyte Remote Node
Proxy Solo Miner: Xenophyte Proxy Solo Miner
Connector-Library: Xenophyte-Connector-All
SeedNode-Proxy: Xenophyte-SeedNode-Proxy
Decentralized project version: SeguraChain