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Current Development Funds:

Current Balance: BTC

Current Pending Balance: BTC

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On what the development funding is used?

1. Funding dedicated servers of the Blockchain and all Seed Nodes servers.
2. Funding Exchanges listing, our coin is a custom coin, a mandatory fee cost is usually asked by exchanges to list us.
3. Funding marketing plans.
4. Funding developers & possible contests of development.

Where come from the development funding ?

1. From the mandatory fee of anonymous transaction and from the mandatory fee of 5% on blocks reward mined.
2. From the coin developer himself.
3. From donations provided by you and investissors.

How to participate?

To participate, you have just to mine or to send a transaction in anonymous option for give a donation to the development funds into XIRO coin.
However you can also send a donation directly in BTC to the wallet address of the development funds here: 39mUsJFhjU6GDrchCkQ4iJsmdvD8S2jpzU
You can check every transactions received on the development funds here: btc.com.